Import Original Sewing Kit Data

To copy your data from your Original Sewing Kit app to the HD app, you need to copy a file from the old app to the new one.

This process needs you to plug your device into your computer and launch iTunes. Once in iTunes, select your device on the left part of the screen, and then choose the “Apps” tab on the top of the window. Scroll down and you should see a list of apps, Sewing Kit and Sewing Kit HD should be there.

Click on “Sewing Kit” and then “Sewing_Kit.sqlite” and then click “Save to…” to save that file to your computer.

To Import the data into Sewing Kit HD on this or another device, click “Sewing Kit HD” and then click “Add…”.

When doing this step, please select the file “Sewing_Kit.sqlite” from your COMPUTER that you saved in the previous step and click “Choose”. This will copy that file for Sewing Kit HD to use.

Once this is done, re-launch Sewing Kit HD on your device and it will “see” the file with the original data and begin importing all of the records. It will ADD all of the records to your current ones. The only thing it won’t duplicate is the lookup values, such as Pattern Companies. It will add ones you don’t have, but not duplicate them.

Image ( sample )