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Sewing Kit 1.32 is live and for sale in the app store!

1.32 fixes the inventory screen crash bug, and disables bar coding on devices that don’t support it – those with fixed focus cameras.

*** Free version recently featured in Apple Store: “Productivity/What’s Hot” section – Australia and New Zealand!!!

To export data from Sewing Kit so that you can move it to another device, please look at the directions on this page:

Keep track of your…

  • Patterns -
    12 different pieces of information, such as Company, Brand, Pattern Number, Size, and much more.
    Plus for each pattern add unlimited* notions, fabric types, and photos!

  • Fabrics -
    8 different pieces of information, such as Color, Material, ironed status, washed status, and more.
    Plus for each fabric add unlimited* photos!

  • People -
    Keep measurements handy for the people you sew for.
    Besides their name, for each person add unlimited* measurements (such as height, bust, waist, etc) and photos!

  • Projects -
    9 different pieces of information, such as Project Name, who its for, status, pattern used, notes and more.
    Plus for each project add unlimited* photos!

*Unlimited by Sewing Kit – limitations based on memory and storage of the device

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